Lost Voices


“Cancer Voices is a new campaign launched by the Institute of Cancer Research to mark their centenary.

It has long been recognised that people suffering from cancer and their carers are greatly helped by having contact with people who have been through the same disease and treatment. Any cancer sufferer, relative or friend, or health professional can become a cancer voice and share their experience to help others.

Elizabeth Hauke went to Guy’s Hospital in London to https://buycbdproducts.com Barrie, a cancer voice in South East London, who is also a member of the Guise and Dolls Head and Neck Support Group.”


Listen to the audio here:  

A 7-minute package conceived, written, presented and produced by Elizabeth Hauke.


  • Barrie Leyshon, Cancer Voice (London, UK)
  • Mr Ricard Simo, Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon (Guy’s Hospital, London, UK)
  • Claire Twinn, Principal Speech and Language Therapist (Guy’s Hospital, London, UK)

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