Dr Elizabeth Hauke

About Me

I am a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication at Imperial College, London.

I am the Field Leader for Global Challenges within the Imperial Horizons programme. This offers cross-faculty teaching to all Imperial undergraduates to help broaden their higher education experience at Imperial College. I have designed and deliver eight courses in the Global Challenges field of the programme. They run across two terms and are open to all undergraduate students. The courses work to develop independent learning, confidence and empathic engagement with real-world issues. They have been recognised with a European Best Practice award for the development of a novel approach to sustainable human development issues for STEM students.

I also teach on the MSc Science Communication within the Science Communication Unit. I have developed and deliver an academic module that takes a deconstructive approach to development studies and a research methods module to prepare students for their dissertation.



I have developed the Global Challenges field of Imperial Horizons and teach sustainable human development to undergraduate students from all departments at Imperial College, London. I also teach critical approaches to development and science communication to postgraduate students.


I am currently completing my MEd in University Learning and Teaching and am interested in critical pedagogy, critical global education and curriculum design. I write about education, engineering education, sustainable human development, supporting STEM education and curriculum innovation.

Other Interests

I am a novice endurance runner, have completed seven half marathons and my first cross country marathon, while working up to a 24 hour solo run. I also keep fish and this year started an aquarium in addition to my garden pond. The most recent addition to my aquarium are some tiny taiwan bee shrimps.


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